Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yellow Light Of Death (PS3 Problems)

Whenever it comes to PS3 problems the yellow light of death has to be one of the most common and hated problems. This can happen to anyone who either over plays their console or has a defected one. If this has happened to you there is nothing to worry about because there are plenty of great ways that you can get your broken console back to working.

PS3 Problems- Yellow Light Of Death Solution #1

One of the first things you can try doing is to turn off your PS3 and wait a little while. This will give your console some time to cool off and it will increase your console's chances of not having the ylod. If you have waited at least 15 minutes and then have turned your console back on and it still doesn't work then you should pull out all of the cords connecting to the back of your console. You should then plug all of them back in and then try to see if anything has changed when you cut your console back on. If none of this helps you then move on to the next solution.

PS3 Problems- Yellow Light Of Death Solution #2

If the first way didn't work out for you still have a few more ways for it get fixed. What many people decide to do is to send their PS3 to Sony so that there console gets repaired. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! Doing this will cost you over a $100. This is a lot compared to fact that it cost around $200-$300 to buy your console. In my mind that $100 should be going toward the next game that is coming. Also when you send your console back to Sony it takes over a month for them to fix it. A MONTH!! What is wrong with that your problem might be something simple like dust blocking the vents in the side which can be fixed very easily. This is a bad option which is why I recommend the next one.

PS3 Problems- Yellow Light Of Death Solution #3

If you don't want to use the second solution, which is what I never in my right mind would use, then I recommend this third option. It involves taking apart you own console and fixing the problem yourself. You may be thinking now "I Can't Do That, It's Way Too Complicated" when it is really not that hard. All that you need to do this are a few household tools and a few things from a hardware store. What you also need to do is go online and find a good, trustworthy guide for fixing your console instead of some cheap and unclear videos on YouTube.

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