Monday, December 12, 2011

Ways To The Augmented Economy

Technology is growing faster than we are; something that was considered top of the line will be nothing but scrap only a few years in the future. We are learning to adapt, but slowly. Getting an upper hand on new trends before they leave us in the dust is an essential key for the business of the future. Augmented reality is by far something to watch out for over the next few years. The current trends and methods of advertisement are starting to get old and boring to audiences. Commercials are simply skipped over thanks to DVRs, billboards are often disgraced with graffiti or other vandalism that is actually slow becoming a style of art.

Advertisement should be able to grab hold of an audience, and hold their interest until the message gets across to them. Thanks to new expectations, your message can't even take a long amount of time to get across or it might just be ignored in favor of data that's easier to access. Adapting to the new attention span inspired by technology, while still being entertaining for the audience will be essential in the coming years of technological trends. The way to do this seems relatively clear, augmented reality.

Using only a smartphone, a customer will be able to receive data about his surroundings in an instant. By pointing their camera at a building; they can learn of everything the business may be offering. Not only can it grant their hours of operation, but also information on their products. Customer reviews will even be possible, making a good public image even more important than it is now. Making sure your business is up to scale in the public's eye should be a main objective in the next few years.

This is only one aspect of Augmented Reality and how it will affect the way we view products. A different field of the same technology has been titled 'projection mapping'. This method reads the shape of an object, and allows for a business to place imagery on top of the shape. Most likely to be used on large surfaces, this concept will allow businesses to provide visual eye candy that will surely wrap a customer into the experience. The visual displays can be so real that you actually need to make contact with the image to realize it's the product of technology.

Using this, businesses will be able to make their product seem larger than life to their targeted demographic. At first, this will be rather easy, since it will be new and exciting. As more and more businesses catch on, it will become a dramatic battle to see who can make their product the most appealing on an entirely new battlefront.

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