Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Gimmicks! (Get Paid to Play Video Games)

Gaming has become such a lucrative market. Many online games even require a monthly subscription and allow game makers to continually profit on their games. Very popular games even market to their players both in and out of game to make even more money. It's unfortunate that all of this money goes to the game makers and without you, the player, this would be impossible. It's simply not fair and I believe a change is due. But how do you as a player make money from the games you play when many games will ban you for various ways of making money?

Gaming has become so popular that in some countries it's considered a sport. People love gaming, from computers to consoles and even now smart phones. People play for competition, they also play to relax and unwind and now they can even get paid. People have known about beta testing video games for a long time, there is nothing new there. But what about getting paid to do tasks in game, as in: game tasks. Think of it like they're errands you would do for a friend in the real world, but instead in the virtual world, and for a few dollars.

Think about it, people pay for services in the real world all the time. Iron my clothes, wash my car, mow my grass. We constantly out source things we don't want to do. This same ideology can be witnessed in video games. People don't want to spend vast amounts of time so they buy and sell in-game currency. Unfortunately this is against the terms of service of most games and will get you banned. However, you can still make money by doing things that won't get you banned.

New players need help with all sorts of things. They'd like to be run through instances, taught how to PVE and PVP and they'd love to read your guides. You are only limited by your creativity. Imagine you're a new player and you don't have a lot of time, what would you pay for? They're just like every other consumer with needs, so let's appease them.

Now there are websites that allow you to offer a service, such as running players through an instance and so on. What you do is up to you, be creative, but most importantly, get paid to play video games! The process is simple: someone purchases your service and the money goes to the website for holding until the service is complete and then the website dispenses the money to you. Registration is free and you don't need to supply personal information so it's really a no-risk situation for you.

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