Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Alliance Leveling Places Where You Can Also Make Gold

Do you want to level up fast in World of Warcraft as an Alliance player, and also make some gold along the way to the level cap? Well, if that's so, there are a few Alliance leveling places that you shouldn't overlook.

Before I point out these Alliance leveling places, though, I want to underline one thing. The days of grinding for XP in WoW kind of ended when Burning Crusade was released. So, you won't make too much XP by grinding on mobs anywhere, unless you have 3-4 Heirlooms equipped and some rested XP.

Therefore, I recommend you to grind for XP in these Alliance leveling places only if you're in need of gold, or if you're leveling up via battlegrounds or dungeons and don't know what to do while in queue.

Here are the spots I was talking about:

Tyr's Hand. Back in the day, before Cataclysm, the mobs in this camp were all elite, and level 58-59, if I remember well, and it wasn't that easy to grind here unless you came with a level 70+ toon. Also, the mobs were all humans, and now they're all undead, about 15 levels lower and normal-type, not elite. Apparently the Cataclysm has changed things around here. There's a high concentration of mobs at Tyr's Hand, you will never run out of them, but the ones you must focus on are the Scarlet Archmages. They drop the Crusade enchantment formula, which sells 1500-2000g.

Tyr's Hand is located in the southeastern corner of Eastern Plaguelands, a bit west from the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave.

Blackrock Spire. I'm not a really big fan of leveling up via dungeons, but Blackrock Spire is one of the best Alliance leveling places, to gain some quick XP from level 58 to 61. There are loads of mobs inside, and 14 bosses, very easy to kill, and even if you use the Dungeon Finder tool, with a little luck your party will go through this instance really quickly. Mother Smolderweb and Quartermaster Zigris drop (100%) two vanity pets nice to add to your collection. As for the gold making part, if your character is a Tailor-Enchanter, you will get plenty of Large Brilliant Shards, Greater Eternal Essence and Runecloth not only to level up your professions, but also to sell at AH for nice gold. Also, if you're here, you might as well try to complete the "Leeeeeeeeeroy" (hope there are enough e's) achievement, for the "Jenkins" title.

Northwestern Silithus. Unfortunately this spot doesn't have any particular name, however the location where you're supposed to grind is a bit south from the Crystal Vale. The mobs are wind elementals and they drop Essence of Air, which sells pretty nicely, for over 100g a piece. They also drop Elemental Air and Breath of Wind, materials that some players might need. Essence of Air is used for a few nice weapon enchantments that can be applied on Heirloom weapons, enchantments that are on high demand nowadays.

Tip: Although these are two excellent Alliance leveling places where you can also make some gold, the fastest way to level up is questing. If you follow the correct quest path, you can reach the World of Warcraft level cap in less than four days.

There are a few in-game leveling guides that can provide you with excellent step-by-step leveling paths, from 1 to 85. In fact, I'm currently using one to level up my mage.

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